Saturday, August 6, 2011

A Not So Great End To The First Week Of School

At around 10:30 on Friday I get a call, I recognise the number to be the school so immediately I know something is up! Rachel is on the other line in sheer panic and I barely could understand what she was saying. I managed to calm her down enough to finally get the story. One of her friends had ask her to "flip" a swing for her and as Rachel was going to help the little girl decided to try it her self and Wham Rachel takes a swing to the mouth!!!
So I call the dentist that we have been going to since Rachel was 3. Actually I should say since Keith was 3. They say sure I can work you in be here at 12. So I go pick Rachel up and take her in and the place is crazy. Already several are waiting. Finally about 15 min late they call her back, but I am not allowed to go!! I assume that they will at least come talk to me before doing anything in a situation like this, but no. 10 min later they bring her out to show me the finished product. I was told that a filling was not possible and this was all they can do. To beat it all they didn't even numb her before they started filing away on her tooth.
We get in the car and, as if I wasn't already upset, Rachel takes her first glance at her new tooth and starts bawling. Shes crying that she thinks it looks awful, and while I totally agreed, I tried to reassure her that it wasn't that bad. So while I am trying to figure out my next move, I take her to McDonald's to get her some lunch and the poor thing cant even eat because her tooth hurts to bad. So now I am really mad!!!
I call Keith and of course he is furious too!! He gives me the name of a Dentist, Dr Andrew Burt from Bluegrass Oral Center, that comes in the shop. He has cut his hair for years. So at 1:00 I call and tell them the WHOLE story, and to my surprise they say to come in at 2!! Whew!! What a relief!! So anyway they let me go back with her and explain everything to me and give me options. After around 30 min Rachel walks out of  this dentist a very happy girl, with her mouth finally looking normal again!!
I can highly recommend Dr Burt, he is wonderful!!! And the great news is they are working on renovating a building in smiths grove and are putting a office in there, YAY!!! Needless to say our whole family will be going here from now on!!
After the swing hit her

This is what the first dentist thought was an acceptable finished product

How our new dentist fixed my baby girls tooth :-)